There are few things better than scoring a new job that doesn’t start for a few months. The stress of the job search is over, but you don’t have to actually start the daily grind and can chill for a while. Ketanji Brown Jackson just hit that jackpot as she was confirmed for the SCOTUS gig by the Senate in a 53-47 vote. After Justice Stephen G. Breyer ends his tenure, Jackson will become the first Black female justice in the court’s 233 year history. She’ll also become the first Democratic nominee to the high court in 12 years, which is insane, as was the close vote. “The historic resonance of the moment has been tempered by the polarized reception that Jackson received in the Senate, which has been riven by an escalating series of grievances surrounding judicial nominations stretching back four decades. Jackson’s tally is likely to fall well short of those earned by previous trailblazing nominees, such as Thurgood Marshall, the first Black justice, who was confirmed 69-11 in 1967, or Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman, who was confirmed 99-0 in 1981.” WaPo: Senate confirms Jackson as first Black woman on Supreme Court.

+ Mitch McConnell won’t commit to hearings for Biden SCOTUS picks if GOP retakes Senate. “Won’t commit” is doublespeak for, “There’s no way in hell…”