“These individuals have enriched themselves at the expense of the Russian people. Some of them are responsible for providing the support necessary to underpin Putin’s war on Ukraine.” Putin’s daughters targeted in US sanctions against Russia. Will that move a sociopath? When it comes to the world getting tough with Russia, consider the fact that only now is Putin’s mafia state facing expulsion from the UN Human Rights Council. This is a government widely known for killing opposition leaders. Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ “Many of his more obvious luxuries are embedded in state-owned enterprises and largely beyond the reach of Western sanctions.” NYT: Why Tracking Putin’s Wealth Is So Difficult.

+ “The Russians were ill-prepared for Ukrainian resistance, proved incapable of adjusting to setbacks, failed to effectively combine air and land operations, misjudged Ukraine’s ability to defend its skies, and bungled basic military functions like planning and executing the movement of supplies.” AP: Russia’s failure to take down Kyiv was a defeat for the ages. Russia’s pathetic military performance is not even debatable at this point. But a big question is whether it will matter for civilians in Ukraine, as a poorly led Russian military transitions into full war crime mode.

+ “We’re lying to ourselves if we think that our troops cannot commit the same heinous crimes Russian troops are committing today. On an individual level, an American is no more morally perfect than his or her Russian counterpart. The difference is how each military organization responds to criminality. Our military’s culture of accountability took a blow when then-President Donald Trump pardoned both Lorance and Gallagher and was then cheered on by a morally loathsome minority of veterans and military fanboys who elected to side with Lorance and Gallagher against the many others in uniform who had testified against each man.” Andrew Exum in The Atlantic: The brutal war crimes being documented in Ukraine are a warning Americans should heed.