Mysteryless Murder

“We have been talking about war crimes in the context of shelling, bombardment, and artillery attacks. Now they need to be investigated. But you could argue there was a military context, for example, to a building being hit. It’s hard to see what was the military context of an individual lying in the street with a bullet to the head or having their bodies burned.” The UN responds after Zelensky makes the case that Russians are killing for “pleasure” in Ukraine. More sanctions are on the way. Here’s the latest from CNN and from BBC. In addition to the war crimes, 7.1 million people have now been displaced by the invasion.

+ NYT: Satellite images show bodies lay in Bucha for weeks, despite Russian claims. The question isn’t whether the truth can be found, it’s whether it still matters.

+ I got quite a bit of feedback on my post about Russian war crimes, the slippery slope of human behavior, and what it all has to do with America right now. ” Of Monsters and Men

+ Zsuzsanna Szelényi explains How Viktor Orbán Built His Illiberal State. “I know that Americans are concerned about their democracy. Concerned—but perhaps confused about how democracy is destroyed, step by step. Well, I am Hungarian, and I can tell you what can happen.”

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