Don’t Catch This Wave “There is still no guarantee that the next wave is nigh—but if it is, the U.S. is poorly positioned to meet it. Americans’ motivational tanks are near empty; the country’s stance has, for months, been pretty much whatevs.” The Atlantic: America Is Staring Down Its First So What? Wave. (Over 26 million people in Shanghai are locked down due to a surge in COVID cases. This is, sadly, not over.)

+ The OK Coral: Wired: “Nearly half of these ocean ecosystems have been wiped out since 1950. One man is on a mission to reverse that—by speed-growing coral in hyperefficient nurseries.” (I think this is a big enough issue that we should get second, and maybe even a third, person on it.)

+ Tarred Heels: “UNC had been 46-0 in the NCAA tournament when leading by double digits at the half, the longest streak in history. They’re now 46-1.” Kansas erased a 15-point halftime deficit to beat UNC, 72-69, and claim its fourth national title and first since 2008.

+ Alice in Blockchains: WaPo with a headline for the age: An ex-cop fell for Alice. Then he fell for her $66 million crypto scam.