Extra, Extra

Texas Two Step “First, last October, J&J spun off a subsidiary in Texas called LTL. Then, using a wrinkle in Texas state law, J&J was able to transfer all of the potential liability linked to the tsunami of baby powder asbestos claims into the shell of the new company, while keeping valuable assets separate. LTL then quickly filed for bankruptcy in North Carolina. That move immediately halted the baby powder cases, which could remain on hold for months or years.” Rich companies are using a quiet tactic to block lawsuits: bankruptcy.

+ Status Roe: “For many Americans, Roe already feels meaningless. Nearly 90 percent of U.S. counties lack a clinic that offers abortions.” Jessica Bruder in The Atlantic: A Covert Network of Activists Is Preparing for the End of Roe.

+ Sonic Boom: Silk Sonic, Jon Batiste, and Olivia Rodrigo tallied up wins at the slapless Grammy awards, which is basically a 30 minute concert stretched over 3.5 hours. Here are the winners. Here are ten takeaways. Justin Bieber’s oversized clothes seemed intended to motivate a slap of some sort. At the very least, someone in the front row should have channeled Will Smith and yelled, “You keep my tailor’s name out yo f–kin’ mouth!”

+ I Think I Conn: Coming into Sunday’s game, UConn’s women’s basketball team was 11-0 in national championships. Now they’re 11-1. South Carolina Blows Out UConn to Win NCAA Women’s National Title.

+ Known Ranger: “For years, Soskin was the oldest active ranger in the park service, leading public programs at the Rosie the Riveter/WWII Home Front National Historical Park in Richmond, Calif. That chapter of her rich life has finally come to a close: She retired on Thursday.” The oldest park ranger, who told the stories of Black women in WWII, retires at 100.

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