Family Guise

“‘My father has always respected my political views, I am not even sure what happened. It was a sudden change,’ Zekriya told The Daily Beast on Thursday. ‘My father is trying to convince me and my brother that geopolitics are more complicated than we know, that ‘Putin had no choice but to invade Ukraine,’ that ‘Nazis run Ukraine.'” Russian Families Are Disowning Each Other Over Putin’s War. (This kind of story about how disinformation can tear families apart is one we’ve read about in other countries for a long time. It’s sad that now we have such a similar dynamic in America.)

+ “The lack of a unifying military leader in Ukraine has meant that Russian air, ground and sea units are not in sync. Their disjointed battlefield campaigns have been plagued by poor logistics, flagging morale and between 7,000 and 15,000 military deaths.” NYT: Russia’s War Lacks a Battlefield Commander, U.S. Officials Say. Are U.S. officials saying that because it’s true or because they want to get into Putin’s head, or both? CNN: Western spy agencies weaponize intelligence in attempt to undermine Putin.

+ “A series of Instagram photos showing a young Russian woman making a duck face into the camera from the back of a luxurious yacht and posing in a bikini next to an emerald-green pool went viral on Twitter. Within days, Polina Kovaleva, said to be the unofficial stepdaughter of Russia’s foreign minister, was banned from entering the UK and all her property there was frozen.” Russian Oligarchs Keep Getting Screwed Over by Yacht Selfies. No one can escape the lure of social media self destruction. (Come to think of it, that would make a pretty good tweet.)

+ Rescue and relief attempts in Mariupol have been stifled, Ukraine forces may have hit an oil depot in Russia, and Russia is actually complaining that doing so doesn’t create “comfortable conditions” for peace. (Neither does the wanton killing of thousands of civilians.) Here’s the latest from BBC.

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