Neutral Current

We’re seeing some glimmers of hope in the Russia/Ukraine negotiations. “Russia said it would ‘drastically reduce combat operations’ around the capital, Kyiv, and the northern city Chernihiv. Ukraine’s team said they would accept a ‘neutral’ status for the country – which would mean not joining alliances like Nato – in return for security guarantees.” This is a big walkback from Russia and they’re reducing combat missions in areas where they seem to be taking massive losses. But in the end, it all comes down to the Moscow Murderer. Here’s the latest from BBC.

+ “Both Ukraine and Russia may find something palatable in it. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has acknowledged that Ukraine will not actually join NATO, and Ukrainian officials have indicated they’re open to discussing Ukraine’s status. It may also be something Russia could accept, if keeping NATO out of Ukraine, and away from Russia’s borders, is an outcome Russian President Vladimir Putin could spin at home.” Vox: What, exactly, is a ‘neutral’ Ukraine?

+ Roman Hrybov, the author of the famous ‘Go f-ck yourself Russian warship’ phrase has returned home. (“Oh, you’re an author? Have you written anything I might have heard of?” … Actually, yes!)

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