Roll Up Your Sleeve Again: The FDA has authorized a second booster shot for Americans over 50. Yes, Covid is still here (Omicron subvariant BA.2 is now the dominant strain in the US). Though you might not know that from federal funding, both at home and abroad.

+ Water Landing: “Until recently, huge distances, a scattered population, and lack of internet access have made e-commerce unviable in French Polynesia. In the last few years, however, a nascent courier scene has taken off, making it possible for islanders to access an ocean of e-commerce products that were previously unavailable. As the global online shopping market continues to grow — a trend that has been augmented by the Covid-19 pandemic — local services are closing the last gaps for those living in some of the world’s most remote places.” Rest of World: Online shopping in the middle of the ocean.

+ Dying Wolf: “Of the Western states, Idaho has long had a reputation as the most hostile toward the gray wolf, a once endangered species; it’s legal to slay pups in their dens there. But last spring the state legislature dramatically broadened opportunities to target wolves. For the first time, sportsmen could kill an unlimited number. Trappers could operate year-round on private property. Night-vision goggles, silencers, snowmobiles, A.T.V.s—all legal, though such tactics pose ethical concerns about ‘fair chase.’ Sportsmen could now use motorized vehicles to pursue wolves to the point of exhaustion, or simply run them over. The state’s intensifying embrace of wolf hunting was based, in part, on the misconception that wolves were decimating elk and livestock. Over all, these populations were holding steady.” The New Yorker: Killing Wolves to Own the Libs? (If you want to own the libs, you might want to focus less on wolves and more on purse dogs.)