“Mr. Putin is an enigma, but he is also the most public of figures. Seen from the perspective of his reckless gamble in Ukraine, a picture emerges of a man who seized on almost every move by the West as a slight against Russia — and perhaps also himself. As the grievances mounted, piece by piece, year by year, the distinction blurred. In effect, he became the state, he merged with Russia, their fates fused in an increasingly Messianic vision of restored imperial glory.” Great piece from Roger Cohen in the NYT (Gift Article): The Making of Vladimir Putin. Tracing Putin’s 22-year slide from statesman to tyrant.

+ “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.” At the very end of a great speech in Poland, Biden uttered those words. The administration reeled them in. But the truth is that dealing with Putin in any normal way is probably over.

+ Russian soldiers raping and sexually assaulting women, says Ukraine MP.

+ Were Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian negotiators poisoned during peace talks? It’s Putin’s M.O. It’s being reported. It’s also being questioned by American intel. Here’s the latest on the invasion from BBC.

+ Times change. Holocaust survivors flee from Ukraine to Germany for safety.