Extra, Extra

Oxford Drama: “Lapsus$ is relatively new but has become one of the most talked about and feared hacker cyber-crime gangs, after successfully breaching major firms like Microsoft and then bragging about it online.” Its leader just got arrested in London. He’s a 16-year-old from Oxford .

+ Your Mileage May Differ: “The two stations, one Shell and one BP, are suing the station of a local grocery chain called Woodman’s. In the suit, the stations allege that Woodman’s prices violate Wisconsins’s Unfair Sales Act. This law prohibits companies from selling goods below cost.” Two Gas Stations Sue Their Competitor Because Its Prices Are Too Low.

+ Great Scott: “The philanthropist announced new donations to Ukraine aid and Planned Parenthood, and said she would soon debut a database of all her giving.” It’s gonna have to be a pretty big database. NYT: $12 Billion to 1,257 Groups: MacKenzie Scott’s Donations So Far.

+ Photo Finish: “Steve Wilhite and his wife, Kathaleen Wilhite, had just purchased a new truck and camper in hopes of camping at some of their favorite spots in Tennessee, Kentucky and Michigan when everything suddenly changed. On March 1, Steve Wilhite … contracted COVID-19. He died a couple weeks later.” You may not know the name. You know his work. Steve Wilhite created the GIF.

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