“‘I saw why they call this the ‘God molecule’ after I got a full central nervous system reset,’ said Mr. Capone, 45, who now runs a nonprofit with his wife helping hundreds of other Special Operations veterans access toad medicine. Riding the wave of greater mainstream acceptance of psychedelics for treating mental disorders and addiction, a fast-growing retreat industry is touting the potential of the toad’s secretions. People pay anywhere from $250 for a ceremony in the East Texas woods to $8,500 for a more gilded beachfront setting in Tulum, Mexico, to consume the venom.” Toad venom is getting popular. How popular? We may soon run out of the toads that produce it. What a trip. NYT (Gift Article): Demand for This Toad’s Psychedelic Venom Is Booming. Some Warn That’s Bad for the Toad.