Missouri Loves Company: “Missouri Republicans have introduced bills that would prohibit residents from traveling out of state to terminate a pregnancy and force women to carry ectopic pregnancies that could kill them. Alabama is vigorously defending a law that allows district attorneys to cross-examine minors seeking an abortion without parental consent—and allows judges to appoint a guardian to represent the fetus in court … Not to be outdone, Idaho has taken a slightly different approach: On Monday, its Legislature passed a bill that effectively allows the father, siblings, grandparents, aunts, and uncles of a ‘preborn child’ to veto an abortion. The law applies not just to minors, but to any adult seeking the procedure.” Idaho’s New Anti-Abortion Law Offers Cash Bounties to Rapists’ Family Members.

+ Netflix and Bill: “Netflix announced Wednesday it plans to start cracking down on password sharing among watchers, and customers are not taking it well.” (Either pay for the product or become the product.)

+ Josh Pit: The unpunished, fist-raising, seditionist Josh Hawley accused Biden’s SCOTUS pick of being soft on child p-rn. Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day while you can, because next up is American Traitors Attack a Black Woman to Score Cheap Political Points Week.

+ Siri Suggests You Wash Your Jeans: “The technology to make smartphones that smell is nearing reality, says Andreas Mershin, a research scientist and inventor at MIT. ‘I think we’re maybe five years away, maybe a little bit less,’ he says, ‘to get it from where it is now to fully inside of a phone. And I’m talking [about deploying it] into a hundred million phones.'” Cancer has a smell. Someday your phone may detect it.

+ Hoop Streams: For every win in the tournament until the Final Four, a team earns its conference around $2m. The economics of March Madness.