“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy summoned the memory of Pearl Harbor and the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks in appealing Wednesday to the U.S. Congress to do more to help Ukraine’s fight against Russia. President Joe Biden said the U.S. is sending more anti-aircraft, anti-armor weapons and drones.” (Of course, the historical lesson of Pearl Harbor is that America didn’t move aggressively to stop Hitler’s expansion or the Holocaust until we were directly attacked.) Here’s Zelensky’s virtual address to the U.S. Congress. You gotta love all the members who stood behind Trump when he blackmailed Zelensky on the very topic of Ukraine defense weapons and who are standing for Zelensky and democracy today. At least their self-centered, power-clinging, political narcissism landed them on the right side of an issue this time.

+ Time wasn’t the only thing the Senate agreed on this week. U.S. Senate unanimously condemns Putin as war criminal. (Putin unified the Senate. He’s murdering people and murdering his goals at the same time.)

+ ‘I will go back to help’: Ukrainian women head home to aid war effort.

+ Russian forces have killed 10 people standing in line for bread, they attacked a theatre in Mariupol where more than a thousand civilians had been sheltering, and attacks on hospitals have become a consistent strategy. If these aren’t war crimes, what’s the point of having something called war crimes? Joe Biden must have the same question. He just called Putin a war criminal. Here’s the latest from BBC.