Vladimir Putin has no doubt been surprised at the pace at which American and European leaders have been able to grease the skids and put unprecedented sanctions in place. Now he’s in for another crude awakening as Biden further refines the U.S. response, backing a bipartisan plan to ban Russian oil. This lube job is no pump fake. It’s going to have an impact on Russia and it’s going to raise our prices as we fill’er up with UnVladed Gas. An AP explainer: What does a US ban on Russian oil accomplish? Let’s hope it doesn’t end up with political infighting here in America. This is bipartisan. Yes, it will cause pain, but we’re trying to save democracy.

+ It’s amazing how many world conflicts come down to sociopathic malignant narcissists and oil. Speaking of greasy losses for Russia, McDonald’s finally closed its restaurants across the country. If you invade an innocent country, then no, you can’t have fries with that.

+ “I have the fitness, the youth, and the training—it would be selfish of me not to use it. If rockets are wasted on me instead of some children, I’ll take that deal anytime.” Time: Meet the Foreign Volunteers Risking Their Lives to Defend Ukraine—and Europe. 20,000 people from 52 countries have volunteered to fight in Ukraine. (Damn, I felt pretty brave just tweeting about it…)

+ ‘I can help them’: one man’s journey from Portland to Ukraine’s frontlines.

+ “The new Russian politics of aggression now has a symbol: the letter ‘Z.’ The symbol does not appear to have been conceived in the Kremlin. Rather, it seems to have come to prominence organically, to satisfy some need for an expression of national unity in a time of war—even if Russia continues to claim that there is no war.” Masha Gessen in The New Yorker: Z Is the Symbol of the New Russian Politics of Aggression. (Z seems to have a lot in common with Q.)

+ “The images have put the business of tracking Russian supply lines, normally the occupation of secretive government agencies, into the public sphere, making them staples of TV news broadcasts and inspiring armchair generals around the world to offer their advice on how to attack the column.” Seemingly stuck Russian convoy hides mysteries.

+ Boy of 11 flees to safety in Slovakia by himself.