So far, whatever the world is trying isn’t doing much to deter Putin. So the world should at least dial things up. Here’s an interesting idea from Michael Doyle, Dorothea Koehn and Janine Prantl in WaPo (Gift Article): Seize, don’t just freeze, Putin’s billions. “It is time to seize the frozen assets and use them to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine and the more than 1 million Ukrainians forced to flee as refugees. If and when Ukraine is freed from Russian occupation, any remaining funds can be used to help rebuild the country. In the meantime, the seizure would relieve the European taxpayers who will pay to support the refugees and punish the responsible aggressors.”

+ Ukraine posts gory photos to sow anti-Putin dissent, but the tactic may violate the Geneva Conventions. There’s one photo that breaks no international agreement but tells a universally understood story of senseless acts of violence. A father’s grief. A tender touch. A new country. And more photos from The New Yorker: Inside Kyiv’s Metro, a Citywide Bomb Shelter.

+ “Unshaven and wearing a military T-shirt, a haggard President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine on Thursday hosted his first news conference since the war began, inviting journalists into his office building, now fortified with sandbags. In an animated briefing, Zelenskyy, whose defiance has made him a symbol of Ukrainian resistance to the Russian invasion, laid out the state of negotiations with Russia, voiced pride in his people, pleaded for a no-fly zone and spoke frankly about fear of dying.” Ukraine’s Leader Meets the Media.

+ Russia has gotten more violent and, with their attack on a nuclear plant, more reckless. Here’s the latest from BBC and CNN.