“Mohammad Saud and Nadeem Shehzad rescue birds of prey – mostly injured by paper kite strings coated with crushed glass – and carry them in cardboard boxes to a claustrophobic basement garage at home. Here, they begin nursing them to health: cleaning and bandaging wounds, fixing slashed wings and broken bones.” All That Breathes: The Indian brothers who heal birds dropping from the sky.

+ The flipside of the figure skating scandal: “So many of my friends are here, and they, like, trained so hard and went through a lot, and they, like, finally did really good at the Olympics. I’m really happy for everybody and myself, too. [The Olympics] exceeded my expectations. I didn’t think I was going to do this good here, and I made a lot of friends along the way, and I got to see them here.” WaPo (Gift Article): The joy of Alysa Liu was set against Kamila Valieva’s despair.

+ The President of North Macedonia walked an 11-year-old girl with Down syndrome to school after he heard she was being bullied.

+ “There is not a dog shortage in America—not yet, at least. But there are stark geographic differences in supply and demand. Massachusetts needs more dogs, and Mississippi has too many. The same is true of Delaware and Oklahoma, Minnesota and Louisiana, New York and Tennessee, and Washington and New Mexico.” How America Saved Millions of Dogs—By Moving Them. (It’s hard enough for me to move my beagles from one end of the couch to the other.)

+ Reminder: My kids are off next week, so I’ll mostly be off too. Delivery will be sporadic.