“Until I read the release form, I wasn’t concerned that the bite of sautéed chicken breast I was about to eat had taken less than three weeks to grow from a few cells inside a laboratory tank to a thick sheet of meat. Would I assume full responsibility, the form asked, for any personal injury, property damage or death that came from ingesting meat ‘whose properties are not completely known’?” Kim Severson in the NYT (Gift Article): The New Secret Chicken Recipe? Animal Cells.

+ Making meat of cells not environmentally friendly enough for you? Then order up some Air Protein: “The company is taking carbon dioxide—the pernicious greenhouse gas warming our planet—and transforming it into a juicy steak or a delicate salmon fillet.” Wired: This Startup Is Trying to Make Juicy Steaks Out of Thin Air. (With my luck, I’ll be the first person to gain weight on the Thin Air Diet.)