The greatest post season in NFL history culminated with a close and pretty good game won by the Rams over the Bengals, with a whole lot of help from Cooper Kupp, the game MVP, who showed you why he also should have been the league MVP. He’s been doing this to every team, including mine, all year. OK, enough about the game…

One of Jay-Z’s most famous lines is I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man. And the nostalgia-heavy and undeniably awesome halftime show featured an all star cast of rap legends, many of whom have become wildly successful beyond the stage. Dr. Dre, who in recent years has become more well known for his sale of Beats to Apple, proved he still has a pretty decent side-gig as a rapper and producer. (Ironically, playing in the NFL dramatically increases the odds that you forgot about Dre.) The performance was one of the best halftime shows ever, although I could have done without 50 Cent re-enacting his In Da Club video by hanging upside down while singing. With 50 in his mid-40s, that kind of head bloating is a good way to end up In Da ER. Here’s the whole show and some details you might have missed.

The commercials were heavy on Crypto and Hard Seltzer in what looked like the battle of the bubbles. Props to Larry David’s commercial for some crypto thing, Arnold as Zeus, GreenLight, and keeping up with the Joneses and Jonases. And we finally know what happened at the end of The Sopranos. The parents were killed, leaving the kids to achieve their destiny as liberal environmentalists! This year’s ads were notable for the number of them that featured products you can’t really buy. By the time the Mexican avocado growers commercial appeared, the U.S. had suspended all imports of Mexican avocados ‘until further notice’ after a U.S. plant safety inspector in Mexico received a threatening message. Like your addiction to cocaine and meth, your addiction to guacamole and avocado toast is causing problems in Mexico. In the past decade, American consumption of avocados has doubled. Vox: America’s insatiable appetite for guacamole is threatening Mexican forests. Here’s more from AP: “Regular citizens have taken the fight against illegal logging into their own hands in the pine-covered mountains of western Mexico, where loggers clear entire hillsides for avocado plantations that drain local water supplies and draw drug cartels hungry for extortion money.” (Just a thought: you may want to consider switching to salsa.) At least you can still get your hands on some avocados. The same is not true for many of the cars that were promoted.

+ Meanwhile, the product served up by one set of advertisers is now more accessible than ever. Until quite recently, the NFL and other pro sports leagues were adamantly anti-gambling. They changed their mind and decided to take a piece of the action, and that has changed the landscape of sports betting which is going through the roof. Related problems like gambling addiction and kids getting hooked will follow the same growth trajectory. You can bet on it. NYT: The N.F.L.’s About-Face on Sports Gambling.

+ Van Jefferson helps Los Angeles Rams to Super Bowl LVI title, then celebrates birth of son with wife at hospital.

+ And Rams’ fans celebrated the Super Bowl win in classic LA fashion: with traffic.