Weekend Whats

What to Watch: Pam and Tommy on Hulu is an interesting watch. You start out hating Tommy Lee (who can’t be as stupid as he’s portrayed) for his terrible behavior. Then you hate Pam Anderson for her bad taste in men. Then you hate the guys who stole and distributed the video. Then you hate the internet for so quickly and easily being used for nefarious purposes. Then you hate the people who made the show which just seems to pile on to what was already a terrible experience for Pam Anderson. Then you hate yourself for watching it. What’s not to love?

+ What to Read: “I’ve never really liked my personality, and other people don’t like it either. In grad school, a partner and I were assigned to write fake obituaries for each other by interviewing our families and friends. The nicest thing my partner could shake out of my loved ones was that I ‘really enjoy grocery shopping.’ Recently, a friend named me maid of honor in her wedding; on the website for the event, she described me as ‘strongly opinionated and fiercely persistent.’ Not wrong, but not what I want on my tombstone. I’ve always been bad at parties because the topics I bring up are too depressing, such as everything that’s wrong with my life, and everything that’s wrong with the world, and the futility of doing anything about either … my editors wanted me to see if I could change my personality, and I’ll try anything once. Maybe I, too, could become a friendly extrovert who doesn’t carry around emergency Xanax.” Olga Khazan in The Atlantic: I Gave Myself Three Months to Change My Personality. The results were mixed. (I’m working on a parallel project, but instead of changing my personality, I’m giving everyone else in the world three months to change theirs…)

+ What to Hear: Eddie Vedder’s new star-studded album Earthling just dropped. Start with Long Way Home, an obvious homage to Tom Petty. Bonus: Here’s Bruce Springsteen interviewing Eddie Vedder about the album.

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