“32-year-old man in Lincolnwood, Illinois was arrested by police after breaking into an elderly woman’s home and holding her hostage for 17 hours. Police were called by the woman’s family to do a wellness check after she failed to send her daughter the usual morning Wordle puzzle.”

+ “For Audrey Soape, the father-daughter dance is a big social event and always a highlight of her year. This year, though, as it was drawing near, the 11-year-old was filled with dread. Audrey’s father died in March. Just five weeks later, she also lost her grandfather, who would have been her stand-in date to the dance.” WaPo: Her dad died. So her favorite NFL star took her to the father-daughter dance.

+ WaPo: A stranger bought this Broadway star a ticket years ago when he couldn’t afford it. They just reunited.

+ A new program in Canada gives doctors the option of prescribing national park visits.

+ Two teenagers fell through the ice in a Missouri lake. A group of firefighters just happened to be doing ice rescue training nearby.

+ Dollywood Parks and Resorts will cover 100% of tuition, fees and books for any employee.

+ A man has been rescued from the sea after a dog spotted him struggling and barked non-stop to alert its owner. (My beagles only bark nonstop to alert me to the fact that they are barking nonstop.)