Extra, Extra

Vote Moat: In a 5-4 decision, the “Supreme Court handed down a deeply alarming decision that suggests that the Court’s Republican majority is about to cut away one of the few parts of the Voting Rights Act that it hasn’t already killed or gutted.”

+ Assurance Insurance: “I secured an assurance there would be no deterioration or escalation.” So said French President Emmanuel Macron after meeting with Putin. Russia responded, “Not exactly.” Meanwhile, Biden has threatened to shut down a key pipeline before it’s operational. What’s Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to Europe?

+ (S)lander: “President Joe Biden’s top science adviser Eric Lander resigned Monday, hours after the White House confirmed that an internal investigation found credible evidence that he mistreated his staff.” (Sounds like that’s an understatement. His hair alone should have been cause for dismissal.)

+ Oh, Deer Lord, No: Widespread coronavirus infections have been detected in Iowa’s white-tailed deer. “Scientists worry the disease could mutate in animals and spread back to humans.”

+ Matrimoney: Feds arrest couple who allegedly laundered $1 billion in stolen bitcoins. (My wife and I need a hobby.)

+ Young Still Restless: Neil Young to Spotify workers: “Get out before it eats your soul.” (Neil Young is gonna be bummed to find out that Spotify is like the 348th worst internet company.)

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