Book Value: “The price of shares in Meta — the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Meta Quest (fka Oculus) — has dropped more than 25 percent from the previous day’s close, the morning after it revealed its first-ever sequential decline in Facebook’s daily active users.” Meta is suffering one of the worst one day stock drops ever as the company gets hit by fewer users (I mean, eventually they were gonna run out of humans), a Nasdaq bloodbath, concerns over Metaverse spending, and revenue hits from Apple’s iOS privacy change. (Facebook should deploy its users’ strategy. No matter how badly your life is going, just post a happy photo of your joyously normal family.)

+ Opiates and the Masses: The man who allegedly sold Michael K. Williams the drugs that led to his death has been arrested. Williams was part of a growing trend. According to Lancet: “More than 1.2 million additional people across North America are expected to die of opioid overdoses by 2029 if dramatic interventions are not taken to prevent it.”

+ Ice Capades: The 1980 Lake Placid Games “were the first to use artificial snow, which traces its invention to a Hollywood production lot in the 1930s … This year the slopes outside Beijing will be the first Winter Olympics competed on entirely fake snow.”

+ Yacht Rocks the Boat: Jeff Bezos’ superyacht won’t fit through a historic bridge. So the town is dismantling it. (This is the exact opposite of free delivery.)