Extra, Extra

Nato Obbligato: “The newly announced U.S. troop movements are in line with expectations based on Biden administration efforts to reassure allies and demonstrate U.S. resolve without undermining efforts to find a diplomatic solution to the Ukraine crisis. In Moscow, however, a senior official said they will complicate the crisis.” Biden sending more troops to Europe amid Ukraine tension.

+ NFT Shades of Gray: “The company has become the central broker and the de facto enforcer of community rules. When an ape gets stolen, the rightful owner calls on OpenSea for help — and the platform has become the single most important chokepoint for blocking a sale. It’s also the largest single market any time a token is listed. Even tokens that aren’t minted on OpenSea eventually find their way there by simple gravity. And as the outage showed, even Web3 projects with no explicit connection to OpenSea are often deeply dependent on the company’s infrastructure.” How One Company Took Over the Nft Trade. Decentralization has a center?

+ HBCU Again: “More than a dozen historically Black colleges and universities closed down their campuses on the first day of Black History Month Tuesday after HBCUs across the country faced a rash of bomb threats for a second consecutive day.”

+ Vindman v Machine: “Retired Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman on Wednesday filed a lawsuit against Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Trump allies Julia Hahn and Daniel Scavino, alleging ‘intimidation and retaliation’ for the attacks he faced in 2019 when he testified in the first impeachment hearing of former President Trump.” Here, truth matters. Let’s hope truth pays, too.

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