Let’s talk about inflation for a second. This headline from the NYT caught my eye. McDonald’s, now with higher prices, topped $23 billion in revenue in 2021. OK, but that’s just revenue. I’m sure their margins were squeezed like a ketchup packet. Oh, wait. Mickey D’s profit soared 59 percent from a year earlier (when we weren’t talking about inflation), to $7.5 billion. Hmm. Must be an isolated case. Oh, wait. Chevron Corp. had its most profitable year since 2014.

+ Related: “The pandemic has exacerbated inequalities in many parts of life, and housing is no different. Homeowners benefited from rock-bottom interest rates and surging home prices, while renters have faced surging costs with little reprieve. And unlike markups in other categories – such as food or gas, where prices can waver in both directions – economists say annual leases and long-term mortgages make it unlikely that housing costs will come back down quickly once they rise.” Rents are up 40% in some cities, forcing millions to find another place to live.