That’s it. Breathe it all in. Bill Clinton may not have inhaled. But, even during Covid and with your mask on, you do. And that’s why retailers have you right where they want you. The smell that’s all around you may not even consciously register with shoppers, but it registers at the register. While you’re focused on what you see when you’re shopping, store owners are focused on what you smell. And that’s where people like Spence Levy come in. He sells the smells that make you follow your nose. “‘Many people, in the beginning, were very hesitant. ‘Why would I want to spend money on that?’ So, he offered stores a free trial of his machines and would come back a week later. ‘They were like, ‘Wow, people stayed longer,’ Levy said. They ‘ran their own studies and told us that…people…purchased more, they came back more often.'” (The spend-inducing odor must be pretty similar to the smell of computer laptops, because my family spends a hell of lot shopping on those.) Morning Brew: Smell that? Scents are a key part of a store’s identity, even in Covid. (This is one of those times that I’m glad my favorite odor is a combination of cash and leather. Forget napalm in the morning, money in my wallet smells like victory.)