Don’t Bogart That Pipeline My Friend: “An undersea pipeline set to deliver gas from Russia to Germany has become exactly what the two countries have always insisted it would never be: A weapon in a geopolitical crisis.” (Energy is so often at the heart of geopolitical crises…)

+ Rein of Terror: Climate change makes you worry about the future. It makes Sami reindeer herders worry about the present. A video: Life in the Arctic: the reindeer herders struggling against the climate crisis.

+ Reversible Shirt: “Tennis Australia reverses course on ban of Peng Shuai protest.” Excellent. Yes, it’s a small thing. But small things add up to big things.

+ Dropping a Deuce: At long last, you can forget your Number 2 pencil. The SAT is moving online. (I knew computers would eventually catch on.)