“Yakei confounded what primatologists expected among Japanese macaques. Last April, she beat up her own mother to claim the top spot among the females of her troop. While most females would be content there, Yakei continued to fight. According to reserve workers, Yakei assaulted three high-ranking males, then came after Nanchu, who had led the troop for five years. At the age of 31, Nanchu is elderly for a Japanese macaque and was ultimately no match for the young and determined Yakei.” NYT (Gift Article): Love Triangle Challenges Reign of Japan’s Monkey Queen. (If monkeys had Facebook, Yakei’s brood would be all smiles and look like a happy well-adjusted family.)

+ Robot vacuum cleaner escapes from Cambridge Travelodge. (In the business, we call this a clean getaway.)

+ This could be the most impressive u-turn ever.