“‘We should be angry about climate change and the destruction of ecosystems … But without optimism, that outrage goes nowhere.’ Examples of people restoring land give us all something to root for, and now there’s a spot to find a whole bunch of them — tens of thousands, actually.” Vox: This map may make you feel better about the state of the planet.

+ “A 57-year-old Tongan man being hailed a real-life Aquaman for surviving 27 hours at sea after Saturday’s devastating tsunami struck his island said he went under nine times before latching onto a log and making it to safety.”

+ “Maddie said she received a lot of support during her time at St. Jude, and she just wanted to give back.” 16-year-old high school student donates over $30,000 to St. Jude’s.

+ While a Denver restaurant is undergoing renovations, its owners are paying employees to do community service.

+ “I wanted to make sure teens have access to books that they can personally relate to or have interest in and not to let groups in our community dictate what we can and cannot read.” Kutztown 8th-grader creates Teen Banned Book Club.

+ A 10-year-old girl survived a blizzard in Russia … by hugging a stray dog for 18 hours. (I’ve done the same with my beagles during mild weather.)

+ And since we’re heading into the most fun weekend in the NFL, let me say this: From the off-season through the playoffs, Jimmy Garoppolo could not have handled things with more humility, grace, and good cheer. During the same period, Aaron Rodgers could not have been more of a jackass. The footballs gods know this. 49ers will upset the Packers. (Also, the 49ers have the most innovative running game in football and the Packers aren’t that good against the run. But the football gods thing is the key.)