Data Dump

Get your mind in the gutter. Actually, let’s go even deeper than that, into the sewer. It turns out that’s where many answers reside. For now, it’s giving us clues about the ebb and flow of Covid infections, but the data can be used for other health trends as well. In an era when half the people we hear from are full of crap, it’s nice to know that at least their shit can’t bullshit. As a bonus, in the sewage analysis industry, there’s no debate about whether to wear a mask. NYT (Gift Article): In Sewage, Clues to Omicron’s Surge. “According to Biobot Analytics, a company tracking the coronavirus in wastewater in 183 communities across 25 states, viral levels have already begun to decline in many big cities but are still rising in smaller communities.” (Wait until Zuckerberg finds out someone has more invasive data about us than he does…) While the science of sewage analysis is improving, the government use of that information could still use some work. “There is still no centralized public dashboard where all of the nation’s wastewater data is collected and displayed. The Netherlands, by contrast, has a national wastewater surveillance system that covers nearly all of the country’s residents; the public-facing dashboard is updated daily.” In fairness, they don’t call them the nether lands for nothing. But still, even when it comes to sewage, America can’t get its shit together.

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