Covid tests are too expensive. Covid tests are hard to find. Starting next week, every home in the U.S. can soon order 4 free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests.

+ Wordle is everywhere. But the Wordle app is the not that Wordle. “Here’s how a mobile game I built 5 years ago suddenly got blown up by The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Jimmy Fallon.”

+ Major Solar Farm Coming to Coal Country. And jobs are coming with it. (This is the model. Don’t attack coal or coal miners who have powered America for decades. Say thank you and give them a better alternative.)

+ Cancer mortality rates continue to decline amid ‘major progress’ in lung cancer early detection and treatment.

+ The World’s Largest Wildlife Crossing Project May Get Longer, Eyes Spring Groundbreaking.

+ Dog lost for four months found alive on snowy hillside, reunited with owner. This Ontario cat came back — after 12 years on the lam. (These stories align with my theory that dogs get lost, but cats escape.)

+ Now that NextDraft is leaner, meaner, and better than ever, why not take a second to spread the word about it to some of your friends and followers? I’m a one man team, and word of mouth is the only way this free (hint, hint, you owe me!) services spreads.