We Used to Be Royal: With the Epstein-related sexual assault case still on, the Queen strips Prince Andrew of his military roles and royal patronages. (All this make-believe nonsense. She may as well be stripping the roles of King Friday.)

+ The Fall of Caesar: From Bloomberg: Desk Salads Hit by Worst Inflation in U.S. With Romaine Prices Up 61%. “Romaine prices are up even more than gasoline.” (So don’t toss that salad…)

+ Judge Mental: Some really bad judge behavior: Judge Tosses Teen Rape Conviction, Says 148 Days in Jail Is ‘Plenty of Punishment.’ (He also kicked a prosecutor out of court for liking a Facebook Post.) And another judge told a 72-year-old man who has cancer that he ‘should be ashamed‘ of himself after he said he was too weak to keep up with his lawn.

+ College Station 11: “Undergraduate enrollment has fallen a total of 6.6%. That represents the largest two-year decrease in more than 50 years.” (Kegstands don’t have the same appeal when you’re wearing an N95.)