How the Cookie Crumbles

“Nicole Pomije, a bakery owner in Minnesota, said she is increasing prices for her cookies because of surging costs for butter and other ingredients. Her basic cookies were priced at 99 cents each, while premium versions such as white chocolate were selling for $1.50 each. But Pomije said she will have to bump up the prices of her basic cookies to the premium price. ‘We have to make money,’ she said. ‘We are a business. We don’t want to lose our customers. But I think we might.'” Pomije is not alone. US inflation soared 7% in past year, the most since 1982. Gas prices are way up. The chip shortage is sending car prices through the roof (if you can even find a new car). And omicron, weather, and supply chain issues are conspiring to make everything else more expensive. Interestingly, the price of bacon is up by 19% and the price of fresh vegetables is only up by 2.4%. Might be good time for a health kick.

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