There crazy athletic achievements, and then there are CRAZY athletic achievements. A forty year-old running around a track in Tel Aviv just qualified for the latter category. Seriously, I can’t even believe I’m typing this: How Aleksandr Sorokin Ran 100 Miles at a 6:31-Mile Pace.

+ In a graduation address, Toni Morrison once listed the ten steps that lead towards fascism. Read the list, but make sure you have a spotter for your jaw, because it’s gonna drop. (And consider that today, many local school boards are trying to ban Morrison’s books.)

+ “Highways that cut through wild areas present a daunting barrier for local wildlife. In Washington State, the Olympic Cougar Project—a partnership between a coalition of Native American tribes and the Washington State Department of Transportation—is studying the movements of cougars as they wander through parts of the Olympic Peninsula.” Cool photo series from InFocus: Tracking Cougars to Figure Out Where to Build a Bridge. (I’m working a similar project at my house: Tracking three cats, two beagles, and two kids to figure out where to find five minutes to myself.)

+ SAG Awards 2022: The Full List of Nominees and the snubs and surprises.