I’m no expert on the science. But I am an expert on sensing news momentum, and the optimism when it comes to omicron is starting to give way to the reality that the sheer number of patients could be disastrous for already stretched hospitals. And because of America’s vaccine and booster shortfalls, the death count could still soar. NYT (Gift Article): Early Data Hints at Omicron’s Potential Toll Across America.

+ This headline from the SF Chronicle worries me a lot, especially given the fact that SF is one of the more boosted places in the country: Coronavirus-infected hospital staff without symptoms can stay on the job in California.

+ The truth remains true. The Atlantic: If you are vaccinated, boosted, and wearing a well-fitted N95 or similar indoors, your risk is extremely low. The key is that it has to be a good mask and it can’t be worn improperly. Wearing a mask around your chin is like wearing a condom on your balls.

+ For some good data on the spikes, follow Eric Topol on Twitter.