“Two lawyers, representing Ohio and Louisiana, argued by telephone after recent positive COVID-19 tests, state officials said. But the COVID circumstances did not appear to outweigh the views of the court’s six conservatives that the administration overstepped its authority in its vaccine-or-testing requirement for businesses with at least 100 employees.” Supreme Court skeptical of Biden’s workplace vaccine rule. (It’s worth reading that above quote a few times.)

+ “The most immediate consequence will be a repeal of the mandates. The government estimates that these rules would save hundreds or thousands of lives every month. So the court will exacerbate the omicron wave while ensuring that thousands more people needlessly die from COVID. Despite these high stakes, the longer-term consequences are arguably worse.” Slate: The Hidden Agenda Behind the Attack on Vaccine Mandates.

+ Time: The Enormous Stakes of Biden’s Vaccine Mandates at the Supreme Court.