Feel Good Friday

“The dog, called North, kept Grga Brkic warm after he fell while out hiking and was unable to move. The other two hikers with him were unable to reach them, so they raised the alarm.” ‘A real miracle’: dog saves injured hiker stranded in Croatian mountains. (The guy’s lucky he didn’t bring his cat.)

+ ‘Real-life Lassie’: Dog leads New Hampshire police to her injured owner following crash. (I’m trying to pressure my beagles to be a little more helpful around the house.)

+ Preet Chandi is the first woman of color to complete a solo expedition in Antarctica. (She might be the only one in the world who didn’t get omicron during this period.)

+ I need to briefly pause to send this direct message to one of my sisters: Coca-Cola is making boozy canned Fresca.

+ Partying passengers stuck in Mexico after airlines decline to fly them home. (When you party so hard that international leaders chime in, it’s something.)

+ Drone carrying a defibrillator saves its first heart attack patient in Sweden.

+ Peruvian statue’s giant penis thrills tourists but vandals are turned off. “Visitors stop for selfies with 9ft representation of fertility symbol from pre-Columbian Mochica culture but phallus already damaged.” I know a damaged penis doesn’t sound like feel good news, but when you’re packing 9 feet, a few nicks and dents here and there aren’t a big deal.

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