“If momentum had built in the Republican Party to renounce the events of Jan. 6 the way it ultimately abandoned Richard Nixon in 1974, we might have hoped that the country might move on from the Trump era. But this has not happened, and foreign adversaries like Russia and China are watching this situation with unconstrained glee. If issues like vaccinations and mask-wearing have become politicized and divisive, consider how a future decision to extend military support — or to deny such support — to either Ukraine or Taiwan would be greeted. Mr. Trump undermined the bipartisan consensus that existed since the late 1940s over America’s strong support for a liberal international role, and President Biden has not yet been able to re-establish it.” Francis Fukuyama in the NYT (Gift Article and a must read): One Single Day. That’s All It Took for the World to Look Away From Us.

+ Trump cancels Jan. 6 event amid GOP complaints. He thinks it was a good day. They know he’s crazy. But they won’t rebel.

+ The Atlantic: How Ivy League Elites Turned Against Democracy. It’s not just that people like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley tried to overturn an American election. It’s that they’re getting away with it.