“A half-suck is the Olympics for the Modern crew — the six men, riding in five trucks, have about 90 minutes to take care of 196 port-a-potties spread over the public parking lots outside Highmark Stadium. For each port-a-potty, Cansdale must replace two rolls of toilet paper from a latched holder, suck out as much as possible from inside the bowl and clean the seat with water and a scrub brush. He gives a quick hand sanitizer check but has never had to refill one at a Bills game. ‘The truth is, nobody’s washing their hands,’ Cansdale says. ‘They just want to get in and get out.’ The Modern drivers call it a ‘half-suck’ because the goal is speed and just to get the stalls usable for after the game. They’ll do full sucks and total cleans starting Monday morning.” ESPN: The secret MVP of sports? The port-a-potty. (At this point, anything that only half sucks sounds pretty good.)