The Box and the Hound

“What’s happening right now, though, is that a few private companies are disseminating a massive amount of the world’s news and it’s largely happening inside black boxes … I think figuring out ways to both help and, in some cases, force, large platforms to be more transparent with news and civic content as it’s in the process of being disseminated can ultimately help make social platforms better homes for public discourse — and in a lot of ways, help them live up to a lot of their original promise.” A key former Facebooker is working with political leaders to make social networks more transparent. Ben Smith: A Former Facebook Executive Pushes to Open Social Media’s ‘Black Boxes.

+ “I love the idealism of the Web3 vision, but we’ve been there before.” Tim O’Reilly (who coined the term Web 2.0): Why it’s too early to get excited about Web3. (At every step towards Web3, we need to consider the question we ignored the first time around: How might the bad guys use this?)

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