Disgusting. Nauseating. Revolting. Gross. Repulsing. Outrageous. The horror, the horror. No, I’m not just taking about your omicron-stunted holiday get-togethers (or stay aparts). I’m referring to one of the primal emotions that define — and explain — humanity. Molly Young in the NYT (Gift Article): How Disgust Explains Everything. “Once you are attuned to disgust, it is everywhere. On your morning commute, you may observe a tragic smear of roadkill on the highway or shudder at the sight of a rat browsing garbage on the subway tracks. At work, you glance with suspicion at the person who neglects to wash his filthy hands after a trip to the toilet. At home, you change your child’s diaper, unclog the shower drain, empty your cat’s litter box, pop a zit, throw out the fuzzy leftovers in the fridge. If you manage to complete a single day without experiencing any form of disgust, you are either a baby or in a coma.” (If you have 50 news tabs open, it’s pretty tough to make it through a single second.)