“He climbed into his truck and counted through his daily stack of eviction orders. ‘Fifteen, sixteen — jeez Louise,’ he said as he stacked them on the passenger seat. He strapped an extra magazine of ammunition to his belt and picked up his radio to call dispatch.” WaPo (Gift Article) on Lock-’em-out Lennie as the pandemic moratoriums end. The return of the 10-minute eviction. “Normal seemed different to Lennie now, more relentless and unpredictable. Landlords acted increasingly impatient after months of falling behind on their collections. Tenants were more resistant to leaving their homes after months of government assistance. And Lennie could feel his own behavior shifting, too, in ways he was still trying to understand. ‘It’s not like I’ve gone soft, but maybe a little bit more lenient,’ he said. ‘More compassionate or understanding.’ He waited at the entryway for a few more seconds, took out his baton, and started banging on the door. ‘Hello!’ he shouted. ‘Maricopa County peace officer! Open up now!’