“At her annual budget address this month, Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota blamed President Joe Biden’s economic policies for rising prices, derided the “giant handout” of federal stimulus funds and suggested that she had considered refusing the money over ideological objections. But like many Republican officials, Noem has found it hard to say no to her state’s share of the $1.9 trillion pandemic relief aid that Democrats passed along party lines in March. Noem explained to fellow legislators how critical those federal funds were to South Dakota and outlined how she would use some of the nearly $1 billion slated for her state to invest in local water projects, make housing more affordable and build new day care centers.” Republicans Who Assailed Biden’s Stimulus Bill Are Embracing the Money. (What underpins the Big Lie? A hell of a lot of little lies.)

+ “The violence on January 6 broke a long string of peaceful transfers of power in the United States. If the paperwork coup had worked, though, peace might have prevailed—but the transfer of power might not have happened.” David A. Graham in The Atlantic: The Paperwork Coup.

+ House votes to refer Mark Meadows to Justice Department for contempt of Congress. (Turning over the evidence and then refusing to appear could be the stupidest move in an age of stupidity.)