“President Joe Biden sounded an alarm about a global slide among democratic institutions Thursday as he convened the first White House Summit for Democracy. He called for world leaders to ‘lock arms’ to strengthen democracies and demonstrate their worth in a changing world.”

+ “It’s an unsettling moment for the world’s leading democracy as authoritarianism grows around the globe, raising questions about the United States’ ability to lead by example and intensifying pressure on the Biden administration to not only promote democracy abroad but do more to shore it up at home.” Can democracy still deliver?. (Don’t be distracted by the minor differences we criticize each other about. This is the fight the matters.)

+ “But this was an entirely different five-member board than had overseen the last election. The Democratic majority of three Black women was gone. So was the Black elections supervisor.” Reuters: Georgia Republicans purge Black Democrats from county election boards.

+ WaPo: David Perdue confesses he would have aided a coup. He’s not the only one. (I know we all get tired of these exhausting political stories. But this is happening. It’s the wrong time to look away.)