“At its heart, contextualized autonomy flows from equality. It centers the woman’s experiences. It rejects a paternalistic view (recently and strategically popularized by the anti-abortion movement) of the woman as passive and childlike, requiring the state’s protection against predatory abortion doctors who would trick her into killing her baby. Instead it demands an unrelenting trust from society at large (including her physician) in the woman’s ability to make her own decisions about her life, her goals for her future and for the futures of children, even in the face of difficulty, complexity, and constraint.” Christine Henneberg in Boston Review with a very interesting piece: Why I Provide Abortions. “Certainly, some doctors and advocates would have us normalize abortion by treating it like any other medical procedure, a tummy tuck or a tooth extraction. I’ve heard doctors try to present abortion this way to patients. But such a falsely cheerful, no-big-deal attitude only amplifies the simplistic ‘right’ vs. ‘wrong’ polarity that ignores women’s real experiences.”

+ Dahlia Lithwick makes the clear case why We’re Not Going Back to ‘Before Roe.’ We’re headed somewhere worse.

+ California plans to be abortion sanctuary.