Being an adolescent and going through life’s various transitions and experiences is difficult enough. Going through those tumultuous years in the middle of a pandemic is really rough. That’s what you’d imagine, that’s what you’re likely seeing among the young people you know, and that’s what the numbers are indicating. “Symptoms of depression and anxiety have doubled during the pandemic, with 25% of youth experiencing depressive symptoms and 20% experiencing anxiety symptoms.” It’s important that journalists cover this issue for a few reasons. First, the onslaught of bad news about divisive behavior alienates all of us, so it’s definitely alienating young people. The media should be honest about its role in stressing people out. And second, because covering these trends removes the stigma around mental health challenges. I see too many young people hammering themselves for being bummed during challenging times. That’s what the depression wants you to do. It’s ok to not be ok. And these days, it’s entirely understandable.