What to Watch: Hawkeye is a fun new series on Disney Plus. It takes a little while for the action to kick in, but the arrows will fly.

+ What to Doc: The Beatles doc, Get Back, on Disney Plus is long. But it’s also really cool to see how the songs that are forever in your head came out of theirs. It’s also an interesting case study in management as clear bandleader Paul has to strategize how to get what he wants out of group of mates on the verge of going their separate ways. And if you think your significant other is high maintenance, John Lennon’s will put that notion to rest. If you’re looking for a more structured music documentary, and one that’s only half the length at 4 hours, check out Peter Bogdanovich’s Tom Petty doc, Running Down a Dream. It’s the opposite of all those old VH-1 Behind the Music shows where everything goes wrong. For Tom Petty, almost every move went right.

+ What to Read: My friends at Pocket have put together a list of their top articles of 2021. There’s enough to keep you busy until at least 2022.