“More than 20 years ago, Mike Moffitt started getting a lot of calls from a Florida phone number. The older woman on the other end of the line was trying to reach her daughter, who lives in Maryland. But she kept dialing area code 401, instead of 410.” Thanksgiving surprise: RI man finally meets Florida woman who’s been calling him for years.

+ Student who sews sanitary pads for refugees now leads 1,000 volunteers.

+ Students create club to be cheerleaders for the arts.

+ Yes, there’s a great Pacific garbage patch. But it’s not a bad place to live.

+ Father-daughter team provides RVs to people who lost homes in California wildfires.

+ Olympic diver and knitter Tom Daley launches his own online knitting shop.

+ Vintage Photos of Venus and Serena Playing Tennis as Kids. (I’ve played a little tennis myself and these kids look like they have potential.)