NPR is out with its list of the top 100 songs of 2021. You can find links to the playlist versions of the list towards the top. (My most listened to track of 2021 was, “Oh My God, You Are So Annoying” performed by my daughter.)

+ BBC: What I learned eating at 8,000 Chinese restaurants. “The best place to find the most varied authentic Chinese foods in America is the San Gabriel Valley in LA, a Chinese immigrant enclave, he said, but for dim sum, San Francisco is the best bet.” (I’m always happy when people say they’re leaving San Francisco. It means shorter lines at Yank Sing.)

+ Square is changing its name to Block. (That makes Jack the Blockhead?)

+ Austrian surgeon fined for amputating wrong leg. (It’ll cost her an arm and a nothing.)

+ For that last line alone you should buy several copies of my book.