“It is hard to overstate the push the W.T.A. has made into China over the past decade, ever since Li Na won the French Open title, in 2011, with a hundred and sixteen million people in China watching on television. In 2019, the tour had nine events in the country, including its crown jewel, the World Tour Finals. A few years ago, Simon boasted of China’s “billion dollar” investment in the sport: the gleaming new stadiums that dotted the country and the stupendously large purses. (The fourteen million dollars in prize money for the W.T.A. Finals dwarfed the nine million dollars committed to the Association of Tennis Professionals’ parallel event for men.) China’s buy-in opened up new markets and opportunities for the tour—Jon Wertheim, of Sports Illustrated, reported that “at least one-third” of the W.T.A.’s revenue came from China, a figure heralded as symbolically significant.” The New Yorker: Peng Shuai and the High Stakes of Business in China. (More US corporations should follow the lead of the W.T.A.)