“Busse notes that when he first started out, weapons manufacturers refused to market high-powered automatic weapons to the public. But, he says, the gun makers and the NRA have since embraced military-style weapons and tactical gear, branding them as symbols of masculinity and patriotism. This is when, he says, ‘the frightening vigilante activity that we have seen with Kyle Rittenhouse or the various other incidents across the country really got its start.'” NPR: Former gun industry insider explains why he left to fight for the other side.

+ “Leading up to the coup, the two groups had coexisted for years, and seemed to operate as separate entities altogether. Then, just six months before Cincinnati, the Old Guard unceremoniously fired most of Carter’s staff — a last-ditch effort to end his, and Knox’s, growing influence. In response, the two men, alongside some of their loudest supporters, began hatching their plan to take over the NRA. Now, it was time to carry it out.” Epic Magazine with the story of the 1977 Revolt at Cincinnati, and the men who changed the course of the NRA forever. Sons of Guns.